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16.11.2009, 00:54

My new NB200 does not display the toolbar when booted. It is there, I think, because if I click wildly below the visible screen there is sometimes a reaction. This seems like a screen resolution issue. When the system boots, the windows theme is distorted, as if the resolution was for a bigger screen. I have tried every combination of screen resolution but it doesn't solve it.

Please help; this is totally destroying my pleasure at owning this new machine!

Many thanks


20.11.2009, 13:13

To be honest I don’t know what toolbar you talking about. Maybe you can try to explain it again more detailed.

Are you running “factory settings” or have you installed another OS? In my opinion you should try to reinstall the NB200 with factory settings. After this you have a clean OS with all drivers and tools from Toshiba. All should work well on the notebook again. :)

21.11.2009, 07:38
If you are referring to your Taskbar, it sounds like it is set on "auto-hide." I actually prefer this setting.

To make the taskbar visible, move your cursor to the bottom of the screen (below the visible area). The taskbar will pop up.

If you want to change the setting so it doesn't auto-hide, right click the taskbar, left click on properties, etc.

26.01.2010, 20:36

I have a new NB200 and exactly the same thing has occurred: The NB200 booted up correctly (POST test BIOS screen OK), but when the display switched to Windows, the login dialog box was shifted down: From there on in, the task bar was not visible (but worked when pressing the windows hot key) and the desktop items were re-sorted. The Auto hide taskbar feature is disabled.

Rebooting the PC (Power down & restart) fixes the display problem about 50% of the time.

Did anyone resolve this issue?

Thanks - Richard.

26.01.2010, 21:10
Few questions;
Did you try to reinstall the display driver?
If not. Try.

Did you try to reinstall the OS if the display driver update didn’t help?
If not. Do this.

Is BIOS up to date?
Check this

Finally if all this tips will not change anything then an hardware issue might cause this…
I’m thinking about GPU issue.

27.01.2010, 23:59
Updated BIOS & Display but no joy. I left the OS as is as the initial splash screen is also offset ("Toshiba - leading innovation" bit) - I think this is displayed during POST prior to Windows loading.

The NB200-11L has a display resolution of 1024x600, but with a ruler and a bit of estimating I think it's defaulted to a resolution of 1024x768.

I think it's back to the repair shop for a new board.

Many thanks anyway....