View Full Version : NB200-122 - What 6 cell battery is compatible?

14.11.2009, 10:25
Just one question.

I bought an NB200 122 because it had 3G and the processor was a bit faster than the others with 1.66 Ghz.
The battery that came with it was a 3 cell one which lasts about 3 hours.
I was envious of the 6 cell battery of the NB200 10J model, I think,.which is claimed to last 9 hours.

Are these batteries both compatible with my netbook, I mean can I purchase a 6 cell one and use it with no issues or dangers?

Many thankss in advance.


19.11.2009, 15:04

I think you can use these 6 cell battery in both notebooks since the NB200 10J and NB200 122 belong to the same series which is PLL25E.

So I donít see any serious reasons why the 6 cell battery should not be compatible with NB200 122


19.11.2009, 15:07

I have checked both notebook specifications on the Toshiba page and they belongs to the PLL25E series. That means you can use battery of the other NB200 notebook in yours. I donít see a reason why it should not work.

By the way, you can get a new battery from an authorized service provider. Contact them and ask for this. You will get a new battery as fast as possible. ;)

19.11.2009, 15:16
Dear Raver and Paolo30,

Many thanks, that's good news.

I was of the same opinion but the call center of the authorized service provider told me that it was not compatible, that's why I wanted to know, Apparently they are not yet well informed yet.



29.11.2009, 10:11
Could you please let me know if the 6-cell battery was at the end compatible for the NB200-122?

I just bought one after being told from the shop that the battery it went with it was a 6 and not a 3 cell!

I called Toshiba and the operator was unable to confirm compatibility, and I am still waiting to call me back...
thank you!

30.11.2009, 13:08
Hi Faid2009,

I still could not get hands on a 6cell battery simply because they are not yet available where I live, (Istanbul).

However, I checked with E-bay. They sell 6 cell batteries that are compatible - they say - with all NB200 and NB205 models. You can also check www.ebay.co.uk. Therefore, I'm convinced that there is no compatibility problem.


11.12.2009, 11:06
OK. Finally I got delivery of the PA3734 battery yesterday evening. Before using I had it charging for 12 hours as recommended.

Started using it this morning at 0900 local time. It's now past 1100, and I have 66% of the power left corresponding to 03:40 hours of usage left. If the estimate is correct, that will mean a total usage time of 5 h 40 minutes. However, it may improve after the first few recharges.

The battery is fully compatible with the hardware and software of the netbook. No issues so far.

For aesthetically minded people, the protraction of the battery at the back may be an issue, but in a mini device like NB200, there is apparently no other space to hide the extra 3 cells.

The weight of the whole thing has also increased somewhat.