View Full Version : NB100 RAM upgrade to 2GB

14.11.2009, 00:05
Can I upgrade my NB100 11J (PLL10E) from 1GB to 2GB RAM? There is only 1 Slot for the RAM-module.
Must I exchange the 1GB-module with the 2GB? or is it not possible at NB100?
I work with OpenOffice - my presentations run very slow.

14.11.2009, 22:48
Yes. You need to swap the memory you have for a 2G one.
There are other threads covering this subject, and what to buy.
You will notice a big improvement.

25.11.2009, 10:09
To upgrade your RAM, look at the http://www.ramcity.com.au website and you will find what RAM is compatible with the NB100. The guarantee that the RAM is 100% compatible or money back. I used them when I upgraded my Satelite L550.

26.11.2009, 22:06
Thanks for the informations!
I've ordered a 2GB Hynix.
The NB100 is working better now!