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10.11.2009, 07:09
I've looked high and low for the Toshiba power management utility for Windows 7 that will enable me to get the most out of my battery life, but I can't find it anywhere. Has Toshiba even come out with their windows 7 version of this tool yet?

Edmund Dorf
10.11.2009, 07:14
It works like Microsoft Update does but for Toshiba drivers. It may install what you need.

10.11.2009, 08:19
What acts like windows update?

10.11.2009, 08:22
What works like microsoft update?

Edmund Dorf
10.11.2009, 08:25
You download the Toshiba Software installer for Windows 7. That's the name of the program. You put it somewhere on the HD where you can find. You don't install it, you just run it. It will check your computer and then download and install any drivers that your computer needs. It works somelthing like Microsoft Update.

10.11.2009, 19:43
I installed the downloader, but got this error partway through "setup tvap error 0X8106010E". However, the installation seemed to continue normally after that.

Now I'm trying to access the power saver utility, but the only place I can find anything related is in the Toshiba folder under Program Files. There I see folders for a bunch of utilities including Power Saver. However, within the folder neither TosCoSrv nor TPwrMain (both listed as application files) opens power saver. How do I access it?

I'm still on the Windows 7 Beta if that matters.

Edmund Dorf
10.11.2009, 19:53
I don't know if the beta would be the problem or not, I'm using the released version. I would try installing again and right click on the file and select run as administrator. See if that makes a difference.

12.11.2009, 07:08
Well I reinstalled but nothing changed. I didn't uninstall the package, just reinstalled on top of it. I don't even know how to uninstall it.

Any other ideas?

Edmund Dorf
12.11.2009, 07:15
You are not installing a program. The .exe file is the program. You just put it on your harddisk and run it when you want it to check for updates.

12.11.2009, 08:18
Well in any case it still doesn't work. Is my only hope installing the full Windows 7?

12.11.2009, 11:04
hi All,

can you give us the link of Software installer for windows 7.
i've tried searching, i cannot find. Sorry.


12.11.2009, 12:03
Hi All,

i found it.

be careful of the mfg date. supported.


13.11.2009, 18:32
Well this isn't going well. I fully installed Windows 7 ultimate, but did so such that the old files went into windows.old (if that matters).

I installed the package that the guy above me posted, and while much of it installed properly, the power saver did not. I still can't open it when I try TPwrMain or TosCoSrv. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Everything appeared to install without a hitch this time, but it still doesn't list it in the "packages" folder of the ToshibaUpdate folder.

Can someone tell me what the powersaver looks like? Is it a program that runs when you open TPwrMain? Is something totally screwed up?

13.11.2009, 23:12
So I take it that the power saver is not actually a program, just a setting that can be used in the Windows 7 power scheme modifier? That would have been helpful...

One more problem: The sleep and charge utility didn't come along with the pack I installed (the one listed here). Does that pack not come with all of the necessary Toshiba components?

13.12.2009, 05:47
You should have an icon in the bottom right tray with the battery / power cord. If you right click on this, it will give you your Power Options menu - very similar to the one used in XP.

19.12.2009, 20:18
got the same error:

*Setup TVAP error. [0x8106010E|http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/]*

didn't work in Safe Mode either... What does work is INSTALL DIRECTLY FROM THE TEMP DIRECTORY

go to c:\"username"\AppData\local\Temp\util_tvap_CT00214700M.temp\TVA P and double-click on the Setup.exe file.. It will kick off the Windows Installer and the entire package installs without a hitch.. Did get a couple of pop-ups telling me to close Toshiba Power-Saver and Smoothview, and just ended the processes from the Task Manager and the install continued just fine...

If the program gets hung up on the .msi (Microsoft) installer, you might want to d/l the Microsoft Install Clean-Up Tool from Microsoft's website, then remove any older version of the Toshiba Value Added.msi installer first..

Again, worked like a charm!!!