View Full Version : Satellite U500 - Windows 7 64bit (after clean install, wireless issues...)

10.11.2009, 02:14
Good night,

I've just installed windows 7 Professional x64. Now I'm experiencing some wireless issues such as constant breaks on the wireless connection (every 5 minutes more or less). I've tried to install the lastest drivers for the wireless LAN adapter, without success.
By the way, I have a Toshiba Satellite U500.

Any help? :)

15.11.2009, 11:39

Can you please tell us what Satellite U500 notebook you have exactly?

At the moment it’s hard to say why does this happen but have you checked Windows power management? There you can disable or enable the power saving feature for WLAN card and it should be disabled.

Furthermore try to update the firmware of the router. Maybe it’s a problem of the WLAN router…

20.02.2010, 06:39
It's a U500/00k? Model PSU9MA-00K013.

I havent actualy managed to access windows at all. The install problem has come up "out of the box" so checking any settings is impossible.

It just keeps looping back to the same error message. The only software I have is what came on the hard drive, and an XP istall disc that came with the package. According to the manual, if i use the XP disk it will wipe XP completely.

So frustrated right now.

20.02.2010, 14:02
Hi mate

Please update the BIOS to the latest state and update the WLan driver which you can find here on this page:

Note; set the BIOS to default settings after you have update it.

Just one tip; in Win 7 power management you can find some power saving settings…
There is a option for Wlan too; disable this therewith the power saving would not be available for WLan…