View Full Version : NB200-110 WinXP hangs upon suspend

07.11.2009, 12:56
When trying to suspend, some 1 out of three time the system hangs in the blue screen (Ruhezustand wird vorbereitet/suspend is being prepared), the only way to 'fix' it is to hard reset it with the power button.

Once it comes to the black screen, everything is usually fine.

Any suggestions on how to debug this (once it hangs, keys don't work anymore, I don't know if there's a log somewhere)? Or - even better - did someone else have this problem and fix it?

Regards, kira

13.11.2009, 00:50
Usually its caused by bad 3rd party drivers. Have you installed any USB devices recently?

What is the Blue Screen 0x000000xx error code?

23.11.2009, 14:53
sorry, maybe I put it in the wrong way. I don't get a bluescreen (of death), just the blue screen of preparing to suspend (see link: ['blue screen'|http://img266.imageshack.us/img266/6700/bluescreen.jpg] )

There it hangs until I turn it off manually. I've tried waiting up to an hour, to no avail.

23.11.2009, 14:54
also, I already had the problem just after receiving it, and since than I haven't installed any third party drivers.