View Full Version : Error appears: "No APs active" with NetStumbler on Qosmio G30-126

06.11.2009, 10:28
hello all

I have Qosmio G30-126

I have flashing msg "No APs active" with NetStumbler !
What mean that?

06.11.2009, 13:26

I don use NetStumbler and have no experience witch this application but I assume that the message “No APs activated” means that no Wlan access points are activatied or enabled….

I think this is a special NetStumbler issue and you should go to some NetStumbler websites, forums to get more details…

Good luck

07.11.2009, 06:04
Hi Atomi

I'm guessing that your machine has vista or win 7 installed? Thanks to microsoft's money making nonsense.

Anyway i was looking for a solution for this same thing and came across this:

I get the same error on my machine.