View Full Version : Satellite L305 - Unreliable internet connection

05.11.2009, 05:09
I am having this exact same problem and it is really annoying (Except I'm using a L305). Just to add on to what the OP said, when the wireless led doesn't light up, for me at least, the wireless network card also disappears from the device manager. Sometimes my wireless will work for several days straight but then will suddenly stop. Like he said, restarting sometimes help, sometimes not. I've found that disabling and then reenabling the connection from inside the Network Connections Manager is the most effective way to get it to work but now today that only works for a few minutes and then my internet access turns into limited connectivity.

I've updated my card drivers and that doesn't seem to have helped but have yet to try the BIOS ones I'm also going to reformat my harddrive tonight to clean things up a bit so I'll make sure to let you guys know if that somehow fixes it.

(I know this isn't my home network either since I have this problem both at multiple places)

05.11.2009, 09:57

Very strange… I mean if the WLan card disappear from device manage and if WLan led doesn’t light then this must be an hardware released issue…
However, try the BIOS update and use the recover disk in order to set the unit to factory settings.
Then update the WLan driver, configure the WLan again and check the functionality.