View Full Version : Satellite L300 - Can't connect to wireless network

30.10.2009, 06:27
I have a NETGEAR router and a Toshiba Satellite L300 and a HP DV2000 laptop.

The HP can connect to my wireless network and also my next-door neighbours network (that is unsecured)
The L300 however, can only connect to my nextdoor neighbour's network even though it can 'see' the NETGEAR network.

I have changed the security from WPA to WEP to now no security at all and it doesn't seem to matter.
The strange thing is that my L300 CAN connect to a wireless network, just not mine!

And my wireless network works as I can connect to it from my HP laptop.
On the L300 it shows 5 bars on the NETGEAR so it's not a low signal problem.

Any help would be appreciated.

03.11.2009, 11:41
Try to change WLAN settings on your router. Compare the WLAN settings on your notebook and router settings.

Test it with standard B only on both devices.
I mean if your notebook can “see” neighbours WLAN than the WLAN card in notebook must be OK.
I really thing the whole is because of wrong WLAN settings.

Play a little bit with this stuff.