View Full Version : New NB200 with Windows 7 preinstalled Fn hotkeys do not work

27.10.2009, 11:23
I have just purchase the very latest NB200 with Windows 7 preinstalled (the newest version with 250Gb hard disk).
However the Fn Hotkeys do not work.

Machine is straight out of the box, no changes.

Do I have to do something to enable hotkeys.

I have heard about Hotkey issues with windows 7 and the need to install the Toshiba Value added pack.
However I would not have expected to have to do this on a brand new pre-installed machine.

Any help very greatly appreciated.


01.11.2009, 20:25
You are right. Brand new notebooks are delivered with “factory settings” and everything should work properly.
I don't have Win7 on my notebook but I presume it is similar to Vista, so go to start > all programs > Toshiba > Utilities and check if there is shortcut for “Restart Flash cards”.
Maybe you will be able to activate it again.

Does anything happen when you press FN button and hold it down few seconds?

02.11.2009, 06:07
In the Start menu there is also an item for "Settings for Flash Cards." Click on it and make sure "Disable all function keys" is not checked.