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21.10.2009, 15:02
Toshiba Satellite L402, WXP

Before traveling my laptop's wireless is working perfectly, after traveling abroad i tried to connect to my wireless network at home but i cant view any wireless network.

I have two computer at home, PC and laptop, the PC has no any problem connecting to wireless and can view all the available wireless network, while my laptop has its red X mark on its wireless icon on the quick launch and cant view any wireless network around, i have re installed the driver but still it wont work, I tried to connect my psp and mobile to my wireless router just to check if the router's connection is limited but i was able to connect to it.

Any idea on what i need to check or do? Thanks!

21.10.2009, 15:56
hi guel27,

- have you checked if the wlan-switch is in the right position?
- if the position is ok (on), check the hardware using the device manager. no red or yellow cross on the wlan adaptor? good, go on:
- check if network connection is not disabled in the network connections overview
-(right-klick on network/wlan-icon in the systemtray and check your connection if it's disabled.
seing no red cross on your wlan conn? good, go on:
- maybe you installed a preferred wlan connection, at least you could:
- delete all preferred connections and choose dhcp instead of a static ip

btw: make sure to use the corect driver for your nic!

21.10.2009, 16:32
Hi Al-ex

- Yes the switch is in the right position
- no red or yellow mark on the device manager
- wireless is enabled but i cannot detect any wireless network around (My Pc can detect 2 wireless network around)

- My wireless is working before i travelled, i even used it in the airport while waiting for my flight, after getting to my place, i have the wireless icon on the quick launch with a red x mark on it and i cant detect any wireless network.
- done with dhcp and static but still have the red x mark on the wireless icaon and cant detect any wireless network

- i re installed the same driver that i use before

Any more ideas?

Thanks Al-ex

21.10.2009, 17:08
hi guel27 ,
you got lucky i got some spare time today and yes there are more options i think ;-)

let's check your ap (access point):
- maybe differnet types of protection? use "unprotected" for testing, make sure that machine + ap uses same channel
- make ssid visible - so your notebook can see it
- any decryption software running? no? good

after you made the ssid of the ap visible and choose dhcp to assing a ip-adress to your notebook you should see your open ap.