View Full Version : Equium L300 - No internet connection via WLAN

21.10.2009, 09:43

I have a wireless problem. The wireless router is turn on and my laptop wireless button turn on as well but no internet connection. I have to plug the LAN cable for internet. It s just happened 2 days ago.
I tried everything turn on/off. shut down/restart.

Can anybody help me urgently?

21.10.2009, 10:18

Is the LAN card listed in device manager properly? Maybe you should try to reinstall the WLAN driver. Check the Toshiba European driver download page to download the latest version.

Are you getting an IP address or you use static IP addresses? Check the TCP/IP settings.

If you use an encryption, disable it and test it again. Maybe it works.

By the way, what OS you have?