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14.10.2009, 04:31
Greetings from Barcelona, Spain!!!

My question is, if it would be possible miniPCI Wireless card replacement rate for a Wireless-N. I mean if the motherboard stand this type of card.

The card in question is this (in spanish):

Link: [http://www.ciudadwireless.com/ubiquiti_networks_ubiquiti_sr71-e_hi-performance_mimo_wireless_mini_express_atheros_ar9 280-p-2765.html]

Do not trust the image. It has nothing to do with the product.

The drivers are also not a problem because the latest Atheros chipset also support this. No problem for disassembly, is not the first time I've removed. I've done to change the hard drive and I located the card. My question is if the motherboard stand this card. I would like to confirm before buying anything.

A hug to everyone.

EDIT: Sorry! I have a Toshiba NB-100-12S PLL10E

18.10.2009, 12:05

The motherboard need miniPCI WLan card.
As far as I know there are no motherboard limitations.

But Draft N needs 3 wires WLan antenna… The usual 802.11 A, B or G supports 2 wires antenna. So in my opinion this could be a problem….


19.10.2009, 16:33
hi Goldeneye_SP,
as the sockets have a specification there should be no problem.
make sure that your machine have the specified socket same the card.
as far as i know there are only 2 different connectors: a big one (appr. 5 cm wide) and a small one (appr. 3 cm wide) as shown on the picture.
to use the n-draft features you need to have 3 antennas, but dont worry about this, it works also with 2 antennas connected to the card.
btw: i have a minipci (5cm) with atheros chipset with only 1 connector in my machine - it runs like hell!

20.10.2009, 01:46
Perfect! Well, I bought that card. Well, apparently recognized without any problems.
I installed the drivers and everything works fine.
Although now I can not in receipt of the speed of 300MBps, because the router is only G to 54Mbps.
Anyway, as to get a draft N router, the network connection will go to 300MBps.
Thank you for your answers, you have helped me a lot.

If you want you can give the thread solved.

10.12.2009, 04:09
I think that it is possible that [mini PCI Wireless card|http://www.espow.com/wholesale-54m-wireless-mini-pci-e-lan-network-card-wifi-bluetooth.html] replacement rate is for a Wireless-N. You know the motherboard can not stand this type of card. Maybe your matherboard is not compatible with the [mini pci e card|http://www.espow.com/wholesale-54m-wireless-mini-pci-e-lan-network-card-wifi-bluetooth.html]. You'd better find a new one.