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11.10.2009, 00:35

Any feedback on this issue I am experiencing would be much appreciated!

I have a toshiba NB100, unused till a few days ago.

I set up it up to be able to go online - accessing the broadband home hub I have - and so went online for the first time using the inbuilt internet explorer option.

The machine did not have MacAfee on it and so I downloaded this, having been online overall a couple of very brief times.

Now, when I try to go online using Explorer, the following message comes up - 'Internet explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.' If you click on either of the two options available - 'send error report', or 'don't send', Internet Explorer simply shuts down. There is no choice of next move, it just shuts down.

Is this a virus operating? McAfee shows there is no virus. I notice the 'web address' that shows when one clicks on Internet Explorer (when it brings up the 'problem encountered' message) is not some generic 'google' address but a very specific one (...it's google.co.uk/followed by various numbers and digits).

if one tries to 'restore the system' (ie restore it to a point *before* the problem with gaining internet access started occurring), this proves not possible - perhaps this is also the virus operating...one can only restore it to a point after the problem occurred.

Any advice/help wd be much appreciated! thank you!

11.10.2009, 17:56
I would suspect that McAfee is blocking it with it's firewall, you could uninstall McAfee and see if IE works again if not, I would go ahead and do a factory restore...


12.10.2009, 16:27

Try another internet browser like Firefox.
Since several days my IE (internet explorer) close automatically and I received some strange error messages…
Now I’m using the Firefox and everything is working properly….

I assume my IE explorer is affected in some way… maybe I will reinstall it again.