View Full Version : How launch wifi on a new Satellite L350 computer?

09.10.2009, 16:28

I've just bought a new Toshiba L350 this morning, but I don't know how to launch the wifi system?

Thanks for your answers.

09.10.2009, 17:11

Usually you have to switch the WLan switch to ON and have to use the key combination FN+F8.
This should enable the WLan.

But just one question: why you don’t read the user manual? My notebook has had preinstalled user manual if PDF file format…

Was easy to find all details and inof…

29.11.2012, 16:04
Sorry to post this unrelated topic here. I am a new user, just registered. Can someone please tell me how to start a new thread about an issue of mine.

30.11.2012, 00:55
Choose the right category, click on “Post new thread” and describe your problem.
Put enough important info about your notebook model, preinstalled OS and try to describe your issue with more than one sentence. ;)