View Full Version : NB200 - Upgrading the RAM and install Windows 7?

03.10.2009, 02:58
Hello you guys.

I am back and got news for you. I got my new Toshiba NB200-10Z. I would like to ask you:

What are your comments about upgrading the RAM memory? Is the difference noticable? Does it deserve the cost?
What RAM memory slot am I supposed to look for? And whats the maximum memory I can upgrade to?

What are your ideas about installing Windows 7 as the only operating system OR have both on different partitions?

Thank you all in advance

03.10.2009, 09:43

Just one question: You have a new notebook and why you didnít check the user manual?
I ask this because in user manual you can find all informations about upgrading the RAM.
In my opinion RAM upgrade is always useful because RAM modules are cheap these days and with 2 or 3GB you have enough RAM for all applications.

Regarding the Windows 7 question you can install it if you want, why not? You can do what you want with your notebook but I would prefer the preinstalled XP version at the moment because Windows 7 isnít on the market as yet.
If you want to install you need an extra partition for it.

03.10.2009, 20:45
1- the ram upgrade you need 2GB PC 6400 (800mhz) SO-DIMM DDR2 Module you can find it in ebay (it's really cheap about 20$) or at your local store.

2- For win7 i've try it but...now i'm come
back to xp i'll prefer to wait for more optimized drivers.

Edmund Dorf
03.10.2009, 20:56
Yes Windows 7 will install and run on my Toshiba mini notebook but it isn't fully functional because Toshiba has not yet released software to enable all of the features that are enabled with Windows XP. I will keep an image of the Windows 7 installation and may return to using Windows 7 at some point in the future when it is fully supported by Toshiba.

04.10.2009, 22:54
I have installed Windows 7 and it works great. Some issues with drivers (see my other threads) but mostly resolved now.

I also installed the 2gb ram upgrade. This cost around £24.


14.10.2009, 10:17
just wondering how did you install win 7. my nb200 doesn't offer booting from usb in the bios :(

Edmund Dorf
14.10.2009, 16:23
It is a little different than the typical desktop computer where you can prioritize the booting options in the bios. Here you press the F12 key as the netbook starts to boot. You have to be quick, if you don't press the key at just the right time, you miss the opportunity and the netbook boots normally with Windows. But it you get it right you will see a list of 3 choices and USB is the 3rd choice. Select that and press Enter and the netbook with boot up on the USB drive assuming it was prepared properly to be bootable.

Good luck.