View Full Version : Can't get Fn keys to work after Windows 7 install

02.10.2009, 17:37
I have completed the Windows 7 install but can't get the Fn buttons to work. I have found and installed the 'flash cards' which seems to do a similar thing but would like the proper Fn button as well.

Does anyone know which of the drivers does this?


02.10.2009, 17:42
Hello Tim

How you have installed “flash cards”?
As far as I know it must be part of Value Added Package.
Have you installed Vista VAP on Win7?

02.10.2009, 17:50
I have installed the Value Pack for Windows 7 from the download site and that appears to give you the Flash Card app.


02.10.2009, 20:51
Hardware FN keys doesn't work in Vista or Seven even if you had TVAP installed.
You can use the Key via Flash cards, to do that you need to open flash card
settings and select "allow to show flash cards on mous over" (or someting similar).
Now you can use the functions of flash cards, but you can't use it via key, i'll hope with the new relase of TVAP could fix that problem.

02.10.2009, 21:42
I may have a partial answer to this. I have now downloaded the 'Flash Cards Support Utility' and loaded it after the Value Pack. This has made the Fn button work with the flash cards for the main F1 to F10 keys i.e. Fn F5 for the external monitor changer. It has not made the rest of the Fn functions work i.e. Fn 4 to adjust volume.

Thanks for the feedback all.