View Full Version : Equium L40-156 - Indicator WLAN sometimes not work

30.09.2009, 20:35
Hello peoples - has anyone any idea wha this is bout?

I cant seem to find a similar problem anywhere. The indicator light for the wireless connection will sometimes not work - as a result i have to manually go into network connection and turn on wireless cap. - this will not turn the light on but does allow me to access the internet.
This happens for a few weeks and then it all rights itself for a few weeks,
Then it happens again.

06.10.2009, 15:50

Do you mean this issue happens sometimes but in most cases you can enable the WLan properly?

First of all to enable the WLan you have to move the WLan antenna switch to ON (be sure that it has been switched properly to the right) and you have I use the FN+F8 key combination.
Usually this enables the WLan.

I’m not sure why the WLan antenna switch does not work sometimes… maybe it’s a hardware issue; for example loose connection or the switch was not moved properly… who knows…
Maybe it would be a good idea to ask an technician for a WLan switch check...

09.10.2009, 16:02
thanks for your help