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30.09.2009, 20:41
I have the same problem with friend *rodarko* ([m-169634] ). I have seen his thread, but nobody since now have found a solution. I will try to desribe my exact problem.

When I record at 16:9 full HD everything seems ok. But when I try to play it on my computer with Arcsoft player, some files are played 16:9 and some others are played 4:3.

I have made a lot of tryies but the only thing that I have found out is that usually the files that works on 16:9 format, are not the first 5 that I have record. So If I record 4 or 5 or 6 (I do not know why) files, then the next files can be played on 16:9.
This does not hapens all the times. My camera is Camileo S10 and my card is Kingston 8GB HC (SD6/8GB).
I wanter why TOSHIBA didn't found any solution, and ofcourse I wanter why they have put the following message (This thread is locked - replies are not allowed.)on the same answer of user rodarko!

Any way please if you know anything give me an answer. Thank you

07.10.2009, 09:46
Hello biros,

I am a S10 user also. I made 10 movies in Full HD and watched them afterwards on my notebook.
All movie files were played in the same format (4:3).
I recorded in "normal" and "macro"-mode, with a SD and SDHC-card and there was no difference.
I played the files with the Arcsoft player and with the VLC player and both played all files in 4:3.

Were did you played your files? On the display of a notebook or on the monitor connected to the pc (DVI, VGA or HDMI)?
Have you tried to play the files with another player (VLC or something else)?

best regards

07.10.2009, 14:11
Dear JS76,

I am using sony vaio notebook with its 17'' screen.
It is capable of FullHD. But the problem is that I use the camera to record something with Full HD and I create several files, without changing anything.

Afterwards when I am using Arcsoft or Quicktime, some of them are played in 4:3 and some in 16:9. Those with the 4:3 forma are even loosing some care. BUT if I play them on the camera, I have no problem at all. Now Iam thinging of buy a different sd card.

05.05.2010, 14:57
I had similar problem ..... all videos shot in full HD (on my Camileo P30) but some of them on windws were reported as they were shot in 1440x1080.(4:3) and some as 1920x1080

To solve that you must know how windows system works.
By doubleclicking an AVI (or opening it by an editing software or player) background process will try to decode such video. Such process is not part of editing software or player, it is part of windows.
For proper decoding such process will take some infos from AVI file and will try to load apropriate codec for proper interpretation of file stream. When codec is found it will be loaded and used to decode file stream into video and audio streams and those streams then will be returned to host application (editor or player).
Today, on average computer you can find tons of codecs. On my own ther is over 130 for different file formats.
You also should know that some codecs avaliable are not finished completly or doesn't support all possible variations of file formats. (new header sections etc)
To be capable to chose right codec from the bunch windows use some kind of flag called MERIT which is associated to each codec. So codecs with MERIT_VALUE='DO NOT USE' will never be used while codecs with MERIT_VALUE='Prefered' or 'above prefered' will mostly like used.
The key point of problem from topic and all other problems related to corrupted video or video doesn't load in editor (or player) is MERIT number of probably incomplete (or old) codec.
If MERIT of such codec is high then other (maybe newer) codes with MERIT set to normal will never get chance to load. To fix that you have several options. One could be to uninstall old or problematic codec. It is easy if codec came as single unfortunately most of codecs come in packs. Removing complete pack is not solution since other codec could be good and are used for other types of videos.
The best way is to manually change MERIT value for problematic codec to value 'DO NOT USE'.
To do that easy you'll need simple GRAPH STUDIO. It is small application which comes with KLite codec pack. (maybe it is available as standalone too or with other codec packs too).
When you start it just drag'n drop an AVI file into it and it will automatically build the graph for it. Graph is network of nodes where each node represent one of used codec for interpretation of used file.
Remember, graph auto-created here will be exact the same as windows creates in background when some editor or player opens file.
Usually, AVI file has FILE SOURCE node connected to AVI_SPLITTER node which separate audio and video streams from source file. It is then connected to some video decompressor and audio decompressor which are REAL CODECS. Play button alows to test the graph. If video plays fine then everything is ok but if something is corrupted or video is not in right aspect then you have to do following:
1. To try ffdshow codec you'll have to select and delete your video codec from the graph
2. Manually insert ffdshow video decoder node (Graph->Insert filter->ffdshow video decoder)
3. connect it in the graph as your previous deleted node was connected (stream0 from AVIsplitter to IN of ffdshow node and OUT from ffdshow node to IN of your video renderer)
4. test such graph by playing it

This is just a test and will not reflect any changes in windows. If now you get your video properly works you'll have to change the MERIT of codec you are replaced by ffdshow.
To do that:

1. Close graph editor
2. Reopen it and again drag'n drop your AVI file into it
3. Remember the name of node you want to replace with ffdshow
4. Find it in the list of all filters installed on the system (click Graph->Insert filter and find it in the list of all filters then just select it and click button CHANGE MERIT and chose DO_NOT_USE)
5. Also in the same list find ffdshow video decoder, select it and turn on check box FAVORITE FILTER (you may also want to increase it's merrit)

Now close the graph editor. Open it agin and drag'n drop same AVI file. If auto-created graph now contains ffdshow video decoder, everything is fine.
If you get some other codec (it is possible if you had installed let say 4 codecs for H264 video.... you disable only one, 3 are still available and some of these could have larger MERIT value than ffdshow. Don't worry, just test graph with such codec. It is possible to work fine. If not disable it on the same way you did with previouse.)

Graph Studio has many interesting options you can play it like performance testing, experiment with your own graphs making outputs goes to disk instead of screen etc. You can also sve your graphs and use it ie. for conversion from one format to another etc.

I hope this help.
At the end sorry for my English, it is not my mother tongue language.

23.05.2010, 22:49
Dear Biros,nothing wrong with your s10 but the problem has to do with your media player on your p.c. , try another player such as gom player , the problem will dissapear.