View Full Version : Satellite Pro A300 - WiFi is 50% slower on XP than on Vista

24.09.2009, 08:28
I noticed that WiFi transfer is slower on Windows XP Pro than with original Vista installed on the same machine.

I tested the issue on Toshiba Satellite Pro A300-1NT - is it possible or my Toshiba is not working propely?

24.09.2009, 11:49

Can you notice another connection speed on XP or do you „feel“ it 50% slower?

I think the drivers are different so in your case I would try the newest XP driver from the Toshiba page:

What type of WLAN connection you are using? New Draft N or e. g. 802.11g?


25.09.2009, 14:27
I dont feel I have already checked - btw I have got 2 same models of A300-1NT
the one with XP recovered and second one with Vista onboard - the speed I have checked on different speedtesting websites (like speedtest.pl or dsl.cz) and I can feel the difference downloading te same things as well.

After recovering XP from original CD with SP3 installed or without SP3 the result was clear - 50%.

The system is clean with no additional band - consuming activities.

I have checked RJ Ethernet connection and there was no such issue.

i upgraded Wlan directly from intel website with noo results.

I use 802.11g standard with more aggresive settings than default.

25.09.2009, 15:06

Do both notebooks have the same BIOS version?
I ask this because BIOS update could be also helpful for this. You can download it on the Toshiba website but before you install it close all running programs, also your antivirus and firewall. Make sure that you are logged in as administrator.

If you have installed antivirus or firewall software, disable both and test it again.