View Full Version : Flash Bios Update 1.60 Posted 9/21/09

Edmund Dorf
22.09.2009, 03:33
Get it while it's still hot and fresh.

28.09.2009, 20:04
Have you updated it already?
Everything went well?

Edmund Dorf
28.09.2009, 20:13
This one is a minor upgrade. 1.50 was the major change. I assume that 1.60 includes all of the improvements that were in 1.50 since 1.50 is no longer available.

29.09.2009, 02:22
Yes the latest BIOS version will have all the fixes included in v1.50

02.10.2009, 18:01
Ran update to 1.6 from out of the box on a NB200-10z - all went well. (It was delivered with 1.2 on)