View Full Version : Satellite Pro P300-1AY does not see any wireless networks

21.09.2009, 18:02
I have a Satellite Pro P300-1AY and the unit is not seeing any wireless networks.
I have replaced my card and that didn't fix the issue.

I have fitted a a different type of card and those work ok, it's only when i fit a Intel 5100 (512AN_MMW) the unit does not see any network.

I am using win XP. Any idea's?

21.09.2009, 19:06

Do you have the latest BIOS?
If not then you should firstly update the BIOS!

The latest BIOS can be found on the Toshiba European driver page and it can be updated running Windows OS.
As far as I know you should use BIOS 2.5 or higher….

Check it!

22.09.2009, 10:11
Thank for your help, it has fixed it :)