View Full Version : Only Room For One Ram Module

21.09.2009, 05:00
Please can someone tell me if 2 gigs of this is ok?


What would be the best RAM upgrade?


21.09.2009, 06:10
The NB200's are limited to 2GB max

You need:
2GB DDR2 800MHz (PC2-6400) SO-DIMM's.

Edmund Dorf
21.09.2009, 06:30
Maximum is 2gb in one slot.

21.09.2009, 07:26
Thanks for the replies guys. I was looking for low latency C4. I can't seem to find just a 2 gig. Kingston do a 2 X 2 gig. Would mean I have to buy the full package and sell the other one on.

23.09.2009, 00:10
can someone clear something up?

does the nb200 even support 800mhz? this is the chipset right?


according to that it doesn't...so wouldnt be running at that speed anyway

Edmund Dorf
23.09.2009, 00:31
Faster than the 666 that came with it. And 2gb is faster than 1gb.

23.09.2009, 02:29
yeah faster if it supports it..

was thinking of this stuff..


it should just default to 800mhz if i fit that right?

23.09.2009, 02:35
Yes, it will run at 800MHz since it is PC6400 RAM.

If the CPU/Chipset can only run at 667MHz, the 800MHz will simply run at 667MHz. Most RAM have an SPD chip that supplies the chipset with CAS/RAS timing information needed to run at 667Mhz speeds.

23.09.2009, 03:13
well hopefully it will run at 800mhz, Toshiba has advertised it as being able to

23.09.2009, 03:54
Hmm I think the Atom CPU's run at 667MHz (FSB speed), which will mean that the RAM will run at 667MHz.

Toshiba advertise the RAM as being 800MHz RAM, but that doesnt mean it will run at 800MHz. 667MHz RAM is not available anymore, so manufacturers must use 800MHz RAM Modules instead.