View Full Version : Satellite M70 - No WLan after Windows 7 installation

My Mind
21.09.2009, 19:41
I have Toshiba Satellite PSM70.
I have installed windows 7 on it now wireless not working .
Tried Vista 32bit driver not working on it.

So please give me solution for it and where i can find driver for this system .
I have tried my all best but field.

So guys Help Me out Urgenty if possible :D

Thanks In Advance

21.09.2009, 20:03
What Wlan card do does the Sat M70 support?
Do you have a Intel WLan card or a Atheros WLan card?

The Win 7 drivers are not released for this notebook model at this time but the Intel Wlan drivers can be found on the Intel page.

I didnít find Atheors WLan driver for Win 7 but you could try a right Vista driver.
Here are 3 different Atheros drivers: