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20.09.2009, 14:44
I have just bought an NB200 and am trying to make recovery disks. When I load the Recovery Disk Creator programme, under Disc Selection it shows no files or options for CD/DVD and the Create button at the bottom is greyed out. Can anyone suggest what I'm doing wrong? I am a bit of a novice so any help would be really appreciated. thanks

21.09.2009, 06:11
What DVD Drive do you have attached?

You will need an external USB2 DVD Drive.

21.09.2009, 10:05
Thanks for your reply Akuma. It's a Mat****a DVD/CDRW USB2.0 The dialogue box in the Recovery Disk Creator shows no files so am wondering if it could be faulty or if I've missed out a step somewhere!

01.10.2009, 13:56
I have had this same problem and I have yet to encounter anyone who has successfully made a backup disk. Apparently the files don't show as the CD/DVD drive is not fully supported by the NB200. I got around it by copying the backup files on drive D to a CD manually. If ever there is a problem then I would be able to restore them to the D partition and hopefully restart the system and reinstall the OS in the normal way.

If anyone has been able to make a backup disk, then I would be glad to hear how you did it.

01.10.2009, 16:05
i've solved the problem by using paragon drive back-up.
I've made an image of the entire disk and store it on an external drive so if i need to restore i could use the image on the drive.

01.10.2009, 16:39
Not sure if that would work - reloading from an external drive - as there is no .exe file in the restore data on partition D. I think you would have to restore it to D on the netbook first. Great idea though. If you make an image copy of the entire disk that would work by just reloading the image on the NB200. Still dont understand why we cant make a proper recovery cd. with the toshiba tool included on the nb200.

01.10.2009, 23:55
I made a backup disc with Recovery Disk Creator. The process was completely uneventful. My external drive is a Toshiba.

29.10.2009, 20:48
I have experienced exactly the same problem as basmattie.When I load the Recovery Disk Creator programme, under Disc Selection it shows no files or options for CD/DVD and the Create button at the bottom is greyed out.
Is there an official response from Toshiba?
Can they be contacted by email?

04.11.2009, 21:42
On the basis of your post, I have ordered a Toshiba external CD drive compatible with the NB 200-10G netbook.
Did you have to order any other drivers for either the NB200 or the Toshiba external drive?

Edmund Dorf
04.11.2009, 23:49

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05.11.2009, 20:44
After unsuccessfully trying to create a recovery disc from my Fujitsu external optical drive, I bought the recommended Toshiba eternal optical drive PA3761E -DV2. It comes with a CD that contains burn and playing software.
After installing this, the Toshiba drive created a recovery disc with no problems.:D

The cost was £58 from Ballicom. A Toshiba recovery disc would cost c£30.

P.S. The Fujitsu drive will still not respond to the recovery disc creator programme, so it seems you need {color:#ff0000}both{color} the Toshiba external drive {color:#ff0000}and{color} the accompanying software. :-(

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