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16.09.2009, 18:06
Hello. I am planning to buy Toshiba NB200-10Z netbook. I would like to ask if the following drive "OCZ OCZSSD2-1VTX60G 60 GB Vertex Series SATA II 2.5-Inch SSD Drive" will fit this netbook?

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17.09.2009, 01:50
Yes. If your notebook has a mechanical SATA HDD, a SATA SSD should work.

17.09.2009, 09:19

The SSD drive should fit in the notebook without any problems because itís the same size as a normal HDD (2.5ď).

The point is if SSD drive will work in NB200. Normally a SSD should work on all SATA interfaces so in your case I would try a SSD drive.
After this you can post the experience with this drive. Iím interested in it. :)


17.09.2009, 10:54
Thx guys:) I will buy it on 28th of September and i will let you know if it works:)

19.09.2009, 02:45
Yeah let us know, would be interested in doing the same as well... wish they werent so expensive tho

09.12.2009, 15:28

Any updates to this situation? I am about to buy the NB200-10Z and a nearly identical SSD drive (just the smaller 30gb version) and would like to know whether this is working or not. I am planning to run eeubuntu linux on it.

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