View Full Version : Tecra 8200 freezing when moved

13.06.2005, 21:50
problem that just appeared and now it doesnt turn on but the power light comes on it just doesnt start - occasionally it does and when it does the slightest of touches will make it freeze im really stuck and dont know wot 2 do

13.06.2005, 22:29
hi Jack,

It sounds as if there is a hardware fault with the internal components of your notebook. This may be something simple like a loose connection, or something more involved.

I would suggest removing and then replacing any peripheral device such as CD-RW, HDD, FDD, battery, RAM chips etc. If the problem persists then it will probably be necessary to take the notebook to an authorised Service Partner.


14.06.2005, 09:21
ive tried taking it all apart so i guess its a repair job any ids of where 2 take it

15.06.2005, 11:08
Hi Jack,

The usual choice would be an approved Toshiba Service Partner, you can search for the nearest to where you live on the Toshiba web-site.

You could, of course, consider one of the local dealers who offer to repair laptops but you have no way of telling what sort of quality repair they offer.