View Full Version : What do the lights on the front of my NB-205 mean?

15.09.2009, 21:30
I know what the plug icon means (plugged into the wall). I know the wifi symbol means I'm connected to wifi. I know what the battery light means (though I don't know when it turns on). The rest of the lights are a complete puzzle to me, however. Does anyone know what they mean (from left to right)?

Thank you!

Edmund Dorf
15.09.2009, 22:13
I downloaded a copy of the pdf file from the same place where Toshiba posts software updates. I keep the file on my hard drive just in case I have a question like your question. Answers are easy to find because I can search for specific words like "lights" using the Acrobat Reader program.

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15.09.2009, 23:17
Sorry but this is out of place. I cannot find the "post new thread" option to ask a question. Could you help? My question was I have a NB 200 and wonder if there is any way of reducing or turning off the powerlight. I find it distracting at times. Thx

16.09.2009, 01:23
gmreplay, the users manual should explain which LED is for what.

The power cord LED is to indicate DC IN power
The Circle-line LED is to indicate if the System is turned On or Off
The Battery LED is to indicate the battery is charged or full
The Platter/Disk LED is to indicate HDD/SSD activity

Tom, I dont think you can turn down the brightness. You'll need to apply some transparent colored sticky tape.