View Full Version : NB200 - Where to find face recognition?

12.09.2009, 04:55

I've got a NB200 part number: PLL20A-002001. Apparently these things have face recognition but i cannot find it.
Can someone please show me how to get to the application, if not where to get it.

Thank you!

12.09.2009, 08:59

Where did you find the information that NB200 is equipped with face recognition?

I have checked the specification on the Toshiba Australian website and it seems that NB200 doesn’t have this option.

If your notebook would have face recognition you can download the tool on the Toshiba website:

12.09.2009, 09:17
I've got it from the reviews of the laptop on the internet, which might be US specs. however if they have it pre installed and we dont, im sure we can get it ourselves?