View Full Version : NB100 - error message - Software activation over 'WWAN'

03.09.2009, 17:20
I am using 3 mobile broadband & am getting the following message every time I try to connect:-
"Software activation has made '228' unsuccessful attempts over 'WWAN' bearer type. The software will be blocked for 'WWAN' connections after '772' more failed attempts. Contact your system administrator for more information"

I can then log on but obviously the 1000 attempts I have had is diminishing rapidly!

I have been told by 3 that it is not a problem with their s/w or h/w?

I am using a Toshiba NB100 & am running Windows XP. I suspect that either there is a software conflict or that I have made a mistake in XP's 'Network and Internet Connections' ?

The modem works without problems on my Toshiba Satellite 3000-X11 laptop.


09.09.2009, 14:31

You are using the 3rd party modem.
Did you check the modem manufacturer page if such error is already known to the guys?

To be honest I have no idea what this error could cause but it looks like that an software activation has failed and you should contact the software manufacturer for details.