View Full Version : Windows 7 Installed On NB205-N311/W, Working Just Fine

Edmund Dorf
02.09.2009, 18:10
Right out of the box, Windows 7 worked just fine. Wireless worked, sound worked, even my wireless mouse worked without having to add any additional drivers.

Next I had Microsoft Update install everything that it thought I needed. Then I installed those Toshiba posted drivers that were specifically designated for Windows 7. That includes the Value Added Package that says it is for Windows 7 64 but installed OK on my Windows 7 32 version. I may install the Toshiba drivers listed for Vista in addition; haven't done that yet.

That was last night.

So far, I am pleased with Windows 7 on my netbook. It is at least as peppy as XP Home Edition if not more so.

No crashes, no blue screen of death.

Cons: well, there are some programs that I use on my desktop that I already know won't work on Windows 7 and probably never will because they are old programs and the publisher has stopped supporting the program.

If I discover any major problems with running Windows 7, I will post the information here.

07.09.2009, 02:16
Some programs have problems in Win7. If Microsoft know about it, it will display a Compatibility Message and advise to update the software.

Otherwise you can run the programs in XP SP2 mode, but you wont be able to use Virtual XP Mode because the N280 CPU doesn't support Virtualization.

Edmund Dorf
07.09.2009, 02:30
One program I use is the Epson Print CD utility but it will not work on any 64bit version of Windows. So far, Epson has refused to spend the money to modify the program so it will work on 64bit versions of Windows. Another program I use is called InfoTree. The publisher has moved on to a newer product and will not be doing any further development on the older product.

07.09.2009, 03:18
I don't think the N280 supports 64bit anyway (only some Desktop Atom CPU's support 64bit).

I ran into the same problem going from XP 32bit to Win7 64bit. Many programs dont work properly, but usually there are alternatives or workarounds. And you have the option of dual booting Win7 with XP if all else fails.

10.09.2009, 14:51
does the FN key for wifi, volume, mute, ecc work for you?

10.09.2009, 17:10
With the Value Added Package everything seems to work but FN F8 (WiFi)....


13.09.2009, 07:37
So I bought my NB200 yesterday, USB install of the RTM Windows 7 Ultimate version, everything went on OK. Up and running in less than 45 mins, 7 is so much better....

Downloaded all the Beta Win 7 updates for the NB200 including the Value Added Package, and all installed. Same problem as everyone else with the WiFi function button not operating, however my big problem is that the WiFi is off and not on..

How do I turn it on?
Clues from anyone would be much appreciated.

I cannot figure how to do this.

13.09.2009, 13:24
I know Seven is impressive! Bott in a flash!
For the Wlan.. have you try some settings in the bios or,i think, you had to turn on Wlan (in Xp) before you star the Seven installation.

13.09.2009, 17:55
Some have said that if you download the ConfigFree Utility you can enable it there, I haven't tried, I enabled WiFi in XP prior to installing 7....


14.09.2009, 12:07
I installed Windows 7 about four hours ago. Looks like battarey discharges faster and . Maybe I didnt install TVAP properley because power settings could be changed only through Win7 utility. Or maybe it depends on 7's version (I have ultimate 7600.16385).

Edmund Dorf
14.09.2009, 17:47
The supporting files for Windows 7 will eventually allow the OS to run on my netbook. Right now, there are too many features that don't work as they should. One that I've discovered is that the mouse cursor tends to jump from where I'm typing to some other place on the screen.

So I used Acronis to make a backup of the Win 7 installation and then I restored Windows XP from the Acronis backup file.

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15.09.2009, 10:53
Now I'm truing to downgrade to XP from Windows 7. Because i didn't create an acronics recovery file i think I need reinstall the XP and after that run HDD recovery. Am I wright? Or is there any other option of recovering XP ?

Edmund Dorf
15.09.2009, 16:40
Turn off the device.
Press and hold the 0 (zero) button while turning on the power.
Release the 0 button.
You should then see a menu that would allow you to restore back to the original configuration, i.e., Windows XP Home Edition. It will be just like it was when you bought it and started it up for the very first time.

Good luck.

25.09.2009, 20:23
someone with win7 installed could give me your Seven performance index score?
My nb200 score 2.0 in CPU but my father's 1005ha (which has the same CPU )scure 3.1... Maybe a driver problem?
Thanks for you help

Edmund Dorf
25.09.2009, 23:34
And my processor score is 2.4.

Edmund Dorf
25.09.2009, 23:42
And the CPU score is 2.4. The slowest component is the graphics processor which scored a 2.0 and that is why the base score is also 2.0.

Edmund Dorf
26.09.2009, 03:38
The base score is the lowest score of all of the compenents. In my case the lowest score is for the graphic, 2.0. My CPU score is 2.4.

26.09.2009, 04:19
My CPU is 2.4.... in 7