View Full Version : NB100 Bios passwords

31.08.2009, 13:01
Having set the supervisor and user passwords prior to travelling with an NB100 I would now like to remove them.

I can enter the setup utility with each password which enables me to change the password but I cannot find any option to disable (unset) them.

I have tried changing the password and then pressing just the enter key and a single space char, but neither of these change the password.

I presume that there should be a way of disabling their use. Can anyone tell me how please?

01.09.2009, 12:34
OK, I think I have a fault with my NB100 unit, or at least the Bios.

I have two passwords, one supervisor and one user. Both give me access to boot the system. Also if I press F2 for the setup utility, they both give access to that. However, each one appears to give 'full' access to change anything except the other's password. In addition, although each password allows the selection to change the password, it doesn't actually get changed.

This leads me to think that the Bios must be corrupted or faulty.