View Full Version : NB200: BSOD while installing Win XP with AHCI mode enabled

29.08.2009, 21:55
Good evening,

I'm trying to install xp on my nb200.

I've already installed it deactivating the ahci in the Bios but it is rather slow....

If i change the ahci mode on the bios (compatibe ... ahci) i get a blue screen and xp restarts ....

I've installed the 82801 intel driver (ich7) but it does not work !

Maybe i've chosen the wrong one ...

If some can help me ....

30.08.2009, 17:32
You need to install the ACHI Driver for XP, can be downloaded from Intel, I'm not sure which Toshiba Driver has it (I'm running Windows 7).




Edmund Dorf
30.08.2009, 18:07
Sorry to switch subjects here but when you installed Windows 7, what else did you need to install? Toshiba has posted some drivers for Windows 7. Did you install any of the other Toshiba drivers other than those marked specifically for Windows 7?

30.08.2009, 18:38
Windows Update downloaded almost everything I needed including the TVAP.

I installed the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack and I installed Dell's ALPS Touchpad driver...


31.08.2009, 08:04
Most Vista drivers should be compatible. If something doesn't work properly, look on the Toshiba US site for beta Win7 drivers

21.09.2009, 22:52
if you do find a solution for the BSOD problem please post details, I have had my NB100 in compatibility mode ever since reinstalling XP.

22.09.2009, 01:29
If you want to switch to AHCI mode *after* installing XP in COMPATIBILITY Mode, follow this guide: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314082/en-us