View Full Version : Toshiba/Intel Wireless client or Broadband providers client?

27.08.2009, 16:17
Since signing up to BT Broadband I now have 2 or 3 Wireless clients trying to access my wireless network.

So I wondered which one would be best performance and should I remove the others competing for resources?

I have a Toshiba Tecra M5 with an Intel Pro 3945ABG wireless client also a Cisco/Pure Networks Network Magic pro5.5 client and now BT (British Telecom) also provide a wireless client with their broadband product!

04.09.2009, 14:42

Usually different clients should not affect the WLan performance.
You need the clients just only for a configuration…

The Intel client is ok… I’m using it too…

And note; never change a running system ;) I mean why to switch to another clients if the one which you are using is running properly.