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27.08.2009, 05:18
Hi, I'm planning to buy my netbook this Saturday and I've found a couple of different models. There's the NB200-00P and the NB200-002. What are the differences between those two? Also, I'm planning to upgrade my ram to 2 Gb, Is that possible with the NB200?


27.08.2009, 10:38

The color of NB200-002 seems to be Satin Brown and the NB200-00P seems to be Satin White


Both support the same CPU, the same HDD, the same OS, the same RAM.
It's just a different color.

And yes, it should be possible to upgrade the RAM to 2GB

Edmund Dorf
27.08.2009, 21:00
My NB205-N311/W arrived this morning. After unpacking and making sure it was in good condition and working, I let it find all of the latest updates at Microsoft Update and install them. That required several reboots. The device was working just fine.

The next thing I did was to replace the ram that came with it with the replacement that I ordered at the same time that I ordered the machine. The ram that came with the netbook was 1 gb of 666 speed ram. The module that I replaced it with is 2gb of 800 speed ram.

The replacement was easy except for one step. Replacing the cover took a little bit of experimenting until I figured out that I had to push and let it snap back into place before reinstalling the single screw that secures it to the chassis.

After installing the new ram, I turned it on and right away I noticed that Windows booted much faster than it did with the OEM ram. I went to Run and typed Winver and looked to see if Windows reported the new ram and was happy to see that it now showed 2gb of ram.

In summary, 2gb of ram cost me $27.50 from Beach Camera thru Amazon. It is an excellent upgrade and I recommend it to improve performance.

28.08.2009, 01:33
Hey, thanks for the replies. I'm gonna go pick up my NB200 sometime tomorrow and a 2gb stick with it. Thanks for the installation tip!