View Full Version : Satellite U-305 wireless internet connects at 54Mbps, then freezes

23.08.2009, 20:04
Using the internal wifi, an Express Card adapter, or a USB wifi adapter I can connect to the internet, but when the initial page download bar reaches halfway it grinds to a halt.

The gauge shows a five bar connection with 54Mbps throughout.

When I connect with a cable, I get 100Mbps and complete, fast internet access.

This occurs with Firefox, Internet Explorer, or AOL.

This has been happening all the time I've had this computer.

The wifi on my other wireless device, a Palm T|X, works flawlessly.

Thanks for any help.

24.08.2009, 02:35
What Antivirus and Firewall software do you have installed? Maybe they are causing Internet problem.

Have you tried updating the Wireless LAN Device Driver? (check the Toshiba website)

Also update the BIOS.

25.08.2009, 05:43
Thanks for the response. I've dealt with all of that except the BIOS.