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23.08.2009, 16:08
I was working with an NB100 today and discovered that the j,k, and l keys produced the numbers 1,2, and 3.
Same with all the keys around them. Those keys have tiny numerals on the leading edge of the keys, so I pressed the Function key and sure enough, that produced j, k and l (etc), HOWEVER only while the function key is depressed. Being a pretty smart fella, searched all over the keyboard for the NumLock key, which I figured had been accidently engaged. Hmm, no such key.

The possible combinations with the Function key that might turn this feature On or Off are quite obviously endless, though I did try Fn N, Fn Alt N Fn # and several other, and was not disappointment in my prediction that this would yield no results. :-(
I have searched all over this forum with its useless search function (NB100 numlock, or NB100 numeric yields over 50 hits that have nothing to do with either numlock to the NB100), and have obviously found nothing, otherwise I wouldn't be asking.

The owner tells me it wasn't like this yesterday, so obviously several of those tiny keys got unintentionlly pressed at the same time and something toggled on. Can somebody please tell me how to turn this OFF? If it is not a toggle (same key combination turns it ON and OFF) can somebody tell me how this poor guy turned it ON, so he can avoid doing that in the future?

Maybe I am all wet and this has nothing to do with some mysterious keystroke combination that has led to a permanent condition of NumLock, or there IS a Numlock key hidden somewhere on the keyboard. Then please tell me where it is, because two people spent several minutes examining every key (and their leading edges) looking for it... to no avail.

If this too is a firmware problem (like the keys missing), then where to I download the firmware to update the problem into oblivion?

Help me, please.


23.08.2009, 22:51
Have you tried FN F11 to turn off numlocks? It has a small icon on it that looks like a calculator...



24.08.2009, 02:29
Try Fn+F11 as jnjroach said. This will toggle the numlock.