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el pedro
20.08.2009, 17:42
I've recently had to reinstall windows vista (32 bit) on this Satellite L30, all other drives installed fine, apart from the internal wifi driver, i've tried loads of different ones from the toshiba site, and none of them prompt the wifi card to work. \like i say, the card doesn't appear in the device manager or when i run everest, but i have been assured that this specific model does have built in wifi, and yes, i do have the switch on the front turned on.

any ideas?

21.08.2009, 05:48
What is the Vender and Device number of the Wireless LAN Card?

Go to Start -> Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager.

Right-Click on the Unknown Device, and select "Properties".
Go to the "Details" Tab, select "Device Instance ID" or "Hardware Ids" in the dropdown list.

You will see something like PCI\VEN_????
The VEN_ number is the Vendor or Manufacturer. For example:

8086 = Intel
10EC = Realtek
168C = Atheros

The DEV_xxxx number is the Device Identification number.


el pedro
21.08.2009, 09:22
The problem is, the card does NOT show up in Device Manager or Everest

21.08.2009, 10:12
Have you bought this notebook as used one or brand new?
Is WLAN card built in or not?
Remove WLAN cover from the bottom and check if WLAN card is inside.

If WLAN card is inside and you cannot install it the situation must be clear. What do you think about it?