View Full Version : Satellite L300-2CE - Wifi too slow

19.08.2009, 01:35

I have a Toshiba L300-2CE laptop, i bought it last week with Vista, and I installed XP after purchase.
All drivers installed, and everything is working, but when I connected to the internet with wifi, the download speed is usually very limited (0.2-1.2mbps - with UTP-cable 8-9mbps at the same time). The upload speed is normal. Sometimes the download speed with wifi is normal too.
My wlan card is Atheros AR5007EG. I've tried a several drivers from toshiba and atheros webpage, but after a few minutes, the speed is reduced again.

Please help!

19.08.2009, 02:54
Have you tried disabling 802.11n and increasing the transmit power?

You can change these advanced settings in Device Manager -> Wifi Card -> Properties

19.08.2009, 10:41
WLAN speed is depending on many different factors. In your posting you didnít inform us about anything except which WLAN card is in your laptop.
The fact is that WLAN card on your laptop run at 802.11g so check router settings and be sure this standard is enabled there. You can set it to 802.11g only.

What is the distance between router and your laptop?
Have you tested WLAN functionality on friends router or somewhere else?

20.08.2009, 10:03
I set the router to 802.11G only, and looks like it's working!