View Full Version : NB200 Disabling USB Sleep & Charge

18.08.2009, 13:27
I got a Toshiba NB200 last month and I noticed that the battery discharges itself about 70% over two days if not used. I found this forum while searching on this issue and found the following thread.


I followed the instructions on it and disabled the USB Sleep and Charge. However despite disabling it and saving the settings when I switch back on it has changed itself back to Mode 1. Is there something else I need to change in order for it to stay disabled?

Many thanks!

19.08.2009, 08:05
What is the BIOS version on your NB200?

I have v1.20 and the battery only runs down about 2% overnight. Update the BIOS if its not v1.20

In the BIOS, make sure that these are disabled:

USB Sleep and Charge
Wake on Keyboard
Wake on LAN

22.08.2009, 13:47
In the control panel theres something called "Toshiba USB Sleep and Charge Utility".
In there you will find and option to disable it. Also be sure to check out [my In-depth review on the NB-205|http://www.mynetbook-reviews.com/toshiba-nb205-review/] .