View Full Version : Satellite M40X - Unable to access internet via wireless

19.08.2009, 15:10
I was given this laptop by my brother who wiped it clean included removing all drivers. I have been unable to establish any wireless connections and the computer does not seem to be picking up any wireless signals.
I assume this may be due to missing drivers(?) but would appreciate some help from more learned colleagues. thanks.

20.08.2009, 03:07
Did he remove the Wireless Drivers as well? Have a look in Device Manager, there should be a Wireless Device in the Network Adapters.

XP: Go to Start -> Control Panel -> System -> Hardware -> Device Manager.
Vista: Go to Start -> Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager.

Do you see any devices with a Yellow Exclamation mark? You will need to install drivers for those devices.

Have you tried reinstalling the Wireless LAN driver? (you can download it from the Toshiba website)

Also make sure the Wifi switch at the front or on the side of the laptop is turned on.