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17.08.2009, 15:05
I have the NB200, purchased on the 29 July at Harvey Normans (Dublin). The issue I am having is one and the same as that which is currently under discussion on the Toshiba American forum, see http://laptopforums.toshiba.com/t5/Keyboards-Touchpads/NB205-N311-W-Touchpad-Issues/td-p/40901

(Now the American model is referred to as NB205, but other than a number change, I believe there is no other difference.)

The issue: the mouse stutters and freezes as you move your finger on the touchpad, i.e., not responsive to your finger movement. Enough to be more than irritating in constant use.

Now, I have been on to Toshiba support, and they say they have had no reports of such an issue in Europe, mine being maybe the first? Having been on to them on a few occasions, most recently this morning, we have tried several things, including reinstalling the driver (the pre-installed one was the most up to date as it happens), toying with the touchpad settings to make it more sensitive to touch, and going into Windows Task Manager > Processes and setting the 'Priority' on two pertinent .exe image names lister there to 'high'. I am sceptical as to whether any of this has improved the situation, I will see tonight what my experience is. Initial experience suggested such changes were not working.

The issue at the core is whether the problem is a hardware or software one; oddly enough I am told if it is a software issue and I return the netbook to Toshiba for diagnostic check, I will incur a cost as the warranty does not extend to software, EVEN if the problem is with the installed Alps driver! The suggestion I have been left with is to clean the machine and do a fresh install, confirm then the problem still exists, and if so, either go back to Harvey Norman or send to Toshiba for repair (if it is a hardware problem that is!).

As you will see from the American thread referred to above, the Toshiba admin in the forum acknowledges the problem and says there are investigating.

My question here: are others this side of the Atlantic having the same experience as me and can you shed any light on it? Would very much appreciate feedback, even a solution! I love this netbook except for this very irritating problem, and would hate to have to give up on it.

Other information:
a) I tested a usb mouse and it works fine, no problems.
b) I tried with toshiba support on the telephone to test the touchpad in safe mode with no joy; the touchpad does not work in safe mode! The Toshiba technician on the phone tried with his netbook and had same experience in safe mode. He thinks this is an unrelated issue, but it did mean diagnosing the problem was not made any easier.

thanks, Eddie

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19.08.2009, 12:31
Hi, I just bought my NB200 yesterday and I'm experiencing the same problem.
It is really frustrating when I try to click on something by tapping the touchpad and sometimes it doesn't click or I have to tap it a few times and a bit harder in order to get a single click.

I Formatted the hard drive and installed windows 7 to see if that helps but to no avail. Also tried installing the latest Alps driver and adjusting settings and it's still the same.

So, I came to the conclusion that makes sense the most.
The NB200 is fitted with an anti-shock mechanism that prevents damage to the hard drive when it's being moved or knocked and it is a bit too sensitive for my liking.
My guess is that when the anti-shock mechanism kicks in it may cause the stuttering of the mouse.

I'm not too sure if this could be the problem or not, I just wanted to share my thoughts on this.

20.08.2009, 01:47
Look here...Toshiba US has confirmed a manufacturing issue...


BTW - I bought mine in the US a couple of months ago and I personally do not have this issue on mine : )



05.11.2009, 17:15

toshiba nb200-110 .

i have exactly the same problem. the mouse lags by half a second, does random stuff and often skips back/forward browser pages when on the internet- which is very irriating, especially after writing a long message/form (like this) and all is deleted.

have been on to toshiba support, and downloaded the new alps driver (out yesterday), which has made pretty much no difference that i can tell.

-- what i'm keen to find out, is what you have all done about this? continued suffering, or have toshiba given you brand spanking new computers?

have you found out whether it is a software of hardware problem?

I know that if I call toshiab up again, they will make me do the system restore, which will clearly do nothing. Then do i send it back?

--- also: Another issue: when I first got the computer, if it was moved an inch, a centimetre, or even a millimetre whilst it was on then a message would pop-up talking about VIBRATION DETECTED IN THE HARD DRIVE, SWITCHED TO SAFE MODE. is this normal?!!??! techically it does say not to move the laptop while it is on, but is this ridicuous or what?

FINALLY, I had read somewhere that someone thought the problem with the mouse was something to do with an oversensitive anti-shock mechanism?! does this ring any bells to anyone. If this was the case, this could explain both the mouse problem and the hard drive problems!?

what to do about this computer!!!??


04.01.2010, 21:07
I have purchased mine in Peru days ago. NB200-SP2904R. I have noted the same issue with the touchpad and I am upset to discover this is a known issue for Toshiba and still they are selling this defective model production lot.

I was an owner of the NB105 and loved it. Solid construction, a very small touchpad by synaptics, but far better than this unstable touchpad.

09.01.2010, 21:37
I am having the same problem with the touchpad / mouse. Not only does it lag but does the random stuff also.
By no means am I a technically minded person so any help with this would be great.
I got my netbook for Christmas but am already getting irritated by this issue.

Any advise is greatly apprecaited... :)

Tiktok Of Oz
21.01.2010, 03:14
Hi. I bought my NB200 yesterday and noticed this problem immediately. So, ultimately, there'd be no point in Toshiba making me update drivers or doing system restores as it's all brand new! Are the units cocked, or can there be some kind of fix?

30.01.2010, 16:20
I have since had my netbook re-imaged due to an unrelated issue which resulted in it becoming totally unusabable. And I have to say that since then the issue of the stuttering mouse is not so obvious. It is not perfect, but not nearly as bad. So I can't say the issue was ever resolved for me other than (in part) by unrelated major surgery (the re-imaging)! I still have the issue of the touchpad not working in safe mode, I just posted another thread regarding that. Consequently I cannot access safe mode at all.