View Full Version : NB200 (PLL20E) - How to turn on wireless LAN?

31.07.2009, 22:58
Hi all,

Just received a NB200 PLL20E and the F8 Hotkey does not turn on the wireless LAN. I have tried updating the BIOS (was up to date) and the Atheros driver...still no luck.

Any thoughts?

01.08.2009, 09:25

Normally on the NB200 the wireless communication can be enabled with the key combination FN+F8 *and* in BIOS.
Check this!!

Do you have yellow exclamation marks in device manager and is your wireless LAN card recognized properly?

Can you connect to a router?


01.08.2009, 09:56
Checked the Bios...wireless is on, F8 doesn't work and....there are no system issues in the device manager. Everything is enabled with no errors.


01.08.2009, 12:09

And can you connect to a network or what happens exactly?
Do you use DHCP at home or static IP addresses? Maybe you should check the TCP/IP settings of the WLAN card.

Furthermore please check if you use the same WLAN standard on your notebook as on the router, for example 802.11g or Draft N.


21.08.2009, 14:01
i have the same problem with my new nb 200, but i have a yellow box saying antenna is diabled(turned off) ?
i need help :-(

21.08.2009, 14:53
Wlan antenna must be enabled in order to be able to establish the WLan connection!!!!
Read what previous users said: wireless communication can be enabled with the key combination FN+F8 and in BIOS.

Pressing the FN+F8 would enable following conditions:
• Enable BT only
• Enable WLan only
• Enable 3G only (some models)
• Enable all devices
• Disable all devices

If Fn+F8 doesn’t work then you should check the software which controls the FN buttons. The Toshiba Value Added Package includes the software which is needed to get the HotKeys (FnF8) to work.

24.08.2009, 11:44
To get radio devices to work you need to have installed:
- latest Toshiba Value added package
- latest Toshiba RF Control utility
- the latest Bios, or at least the one which is supporting the installed radio devices (if there is a HW change)

It's recommend to uninstall previous version first before updating the SW.

29.08.2009, 23:41

Have just bought and set up a NB200 today and couldn't get the wireless to turn on, have just phoned the helpdesk for the store where I bought it and they suggested pressing FN & F8 simultaneously twice - it worked!

Connection has been made.