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30.07.2009, 10:09

I reinstalled all the system (Windows XP) and now, system could not see the wireless network at all. How can i install it and put it back?

Notebook Satellite M70-181.


30.07.2009, 10:37

Did you install all drivers for your notebook and also the wireless LAN driver? You can find all drivers on the Toshiba website.
Check the device manager for yellow exclamation marks.

Here in the forum you can find 100 or threads about the wireless LAN using I think so please search for it.
To use WLAN you have to check the TCP/IP settings of the WLAN card (DHCP or static IP address) and you have to use the same WLAN standard (e. g. 802.11b) as on the router. Then you should see the router and if you know the password you can connect to it.
If you canít find the router, disconnect it from the AC/DC adaptor for 5 minutes and then connect it again.


30.07.2009, 10:43
yes, i installed all the drivers for toshiba web site. still could not see the wireless network in network connections.

i got two yellow blanks on divece manager :

net equipment

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30.07.2009, 11:41

And what yellow exclamation marks did you get exactly?
If you look in properties of these two devices you can check the device and vendor ID. Put this numbers on this page and then you will see what devices they are:

Net equipment is not known me. Normally the WLAN card is listed as Ethernet controller or soÖ

Anyway, if you have two yellow exclamation marks, you did forget to install two drivers.