View Full Version : Satellite A300 - Can't connect to a wireless LAN

26.07.2009, 00:24

I have a question: Bought the laptop two days ago, the wireless LAN doesnt work. It can detect the network, it accept the network key, but just wont connect.

Please help.

26.07.2009, 08:59

Did you check the TCP/IP settings of the WLAN card?
I donít know the network configuration of your router but if you use DHCP you have to use this mode or you set a static IP address.
Check this!!

Furthermore check if your WLAN card is recognized properly in device manager and try to reset your router. That means you should remove AC/DC adaptor from the router and wait 5 minutes. Then connect the AC/DC adaptor again.
Sometimes a firmware update could be useful too.