View Full Version : Portege R500 - Can only connect to no-protected WLAN

25.07.2009, 11:50
Hallo everybody

My Portege R500 (win XP pro 32) has a very strange thing.
It has absolute no problems to access to any no-protected WLAN, but with the D-Link DI-524 gateway in WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK Channel 6 mode,
it faults the IP assignement many times (from 30 min to 1 hour or more), before receive the access to the LAN.

The gaeway reports: Disassociated [MAC ADDRESS] because WPA retey failed

The R500 is configured exactly as all the other notebooks. No other notebook has problem to access the WLAN, even during the R500 fault.

Often the WLAN will be detected from R500 with the maximum power level, and after few minuts later no WLAN appears available.

I think there is a driver problem with WXPpro in the authentication procedure:
The Wlan is the Intel 4965AGN
The driver is the NETw4x32.sys ver.

Help me please...

31.07.2009, 06:36

Update the BIOS
Update the LAN and Wireless Drivers
Turn off your Firewall
Use Static IP Address instead of DHCP
Update the Firmware on your DLink.
Manually set up the Wireless Connection, instead of selecting it in the list and clicking "Connect"

31.07.2009, 10:49

I completely agree with Akuma. Try all what he posted and see what happens.
Furthermore if you use the forum search you will find enough threads about WLAN issues.

Last but not least if you use Vista you should disable the power saving function of the WLAN card.