View Full Version : WLAN card portege 4010

06.06.2005, 13:07

I`m having trouble with my wireless built-in card I own av Portege 4010. It seems to be allright in device properties, but I can`t see any networks when I scan with the built in program in "control panel". It should show a strong network`I`m ten feet away from <the router.

Its enabled in bios, the switch on the computer is on

I think the device is Intersil Prism2.

I use different wlan devices daily and I miss some software for this built in card - preferably software which shows in systray

08.06.2005, 11:48

I don`t know which “built in program” you use but please check in “Wireless Network Connection properties” under “Wireless Networks tab if option called “Use Windows to configure…..” is disabled. It must be disabled if you want to use some another application or client for wireless connection.