View Full Version : Satellite P300-23E - Replace wireless mini-PCI card?

13.07.2009, 15:44
Question: would it be possible to replace the Intel 5100AGN wireless mini-PCI card with the 4965AGN or 5300AGN version?

Thing is, recently I bought the Satellite P300-23E. Great laptop. Apart from one thing. I uses the Intel 5100AGN wireless module. Kind of a shame, as the rest of the components used to build this laptop are top notch. I would've liked to see the 5300AGN of even the older 4965AGN adapter instead. These are both a tad more expensive, but even on the consumer market the price difference is a mere $20. TX thoughput of the 5100AGN is only 150Mbit, which is half as fast as the other two Intel wireless modules. In general, a lot of people seem to have issues with the 5100AGN, seems to be a troublesome product altogether.

Real world performance of the 5100AGN on a Linksys WRT54G is about 15 Mbits (1,8MB/s). My other laptop, fitted with a 4965AGN will do double that under the same circumstances. Tried all drivers I could find, but the above values are the best I can get.

13.07.2009, 20:09

I think this should be possible… but you have to use miniPCI cards.
The WLan antenna which is placed behind the screen provides two wires; black & white.
Normally a white cable goes to the MAIN and a black to the AUX.


14.07.2009, 09:47
Been googling for images of the Intel 4965 and 5300 AGN cards, and they seem to have 3 instead of 2 connectors. So I guess these cards won't work properly. I think this is because the 4965 and 5300 use more antennas.

I just ordered a Linksys WRT160N (802.11n) wifi router, and hope the connection using the N protocol will improve the wireless performance to an acceptable level. If not, I have the following options left:
1. Get a PC card wifi adapter (like a Linksys WPC100, but suggestions are welcome)
2. Get another compatible 802.11n capable mini-PCI card with only 2 connectors (haven't yet found one)

14.07.2009, 09:56
Ohhh… yes, you are right… the WLan card which support the Draft N needs three wires WLan antenna. But the Sat P300-23E is equipped with Intel WiFi Link 5100AGN which supports the Draft N… therefore I would assume that the Wlan antenna behind the screen supports three wires as well.

14.07.2009, 10:41
I've just read about some other guys replacing their 2-wire mini-PCI cards with 3-wire N-capable versions. It seems the wires are only used for antennas, and if I only connect the present 2 wires to a card with 3 connectors, things should work out fine. Using 802.11n my connection speed would be limited to around 130-140Mbits, but that would be more then sufficient for me. I'd even be satisfied with a good 802.11g (54Mbits) connection, but currently the 5100AGN doesn't reach anything near that.

I hope my problem is not caused by an antenna hardware defect.

I'll wait for the 802.11n router to arrive and also try the 4965 from my other laptop in the Sat P300-23E to see what results I get from that. I'll let you know how things work out.

15.07.2009, 07:33
My WRT160N arrived yesterday, so I tested it as soon as I could yesterday evening. Using the new wireless router I'm able to get around 9MB/s (around 75 Mbits) when I'm in the living room, the router is upstairs. So this case is solved as far as I'm concearned, thanks for all the help Chad.