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04.06.2005, 11:27
Help...my first visit to this forum, looking for a kindly soul to get me out of trouble. My wife has a Tecra 8000 (European build) with P2 400mhz. On attempting to boot up she is getting "ready for BIOS update". I have managed to locate what I believe to be the correct download on this site, the 'traditional' version for machines that do not not run on 500mhz or higher? Only problem is I know that this has to be installed via FDD which we have with the laptop, but we have no means of opening the file to floppy disk! Neither our home or work desktops have a FDD to open and copy the download. We were wondering if anyone has a copy, or access to a FDD to produce a copy and send it to us? We would be more than happy to cover any expenses incurred in helping us.

08.06.2005, 14:28
Hello Brian

Please check this page http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/faq.jsp?service=EU&from=faq_selection&CFID=BIOS&FID=TRO0000000b07 . There is described how you can create the BIOS update disk and the right BIOS update procedure for your notebook model.

It is not complicated. I am sure that you can do it alone.

Good luck!

08.06.2005, 16:05
Hi all
I'm hoping some one can help me out here i updated my BIOS on my 8100 and entered a password which i write down the problem is know every time i turn it on ,it asks me for a password i'v tired typing it in but still dos'nt work i've tired removing the battery & looping but they didnt work i also looked for a jumper & dipswitch but cant seem to find one
Can any one help me I have no problem taking to a shop but i'm worried its going to cost a bit and i dont have a lot of to thouck about

29.06.2005, 15:18
Hello sugar

Sorry but there is no way to remove the BIOS password on your own. It must be done by service partner.