View Full Version : NB100-12N, 3G modem not working after hibernation

12.07.2009, 20:47
My computer is a NB 100-12N with Windows XP Home SP3. It is equipped with an internal 3G modem, Toshiba F3507g Mobile Broadband Modem.

When the computer is started, Wireless Manager 5 is started and automatically connects to internet through the 3G modem. However, if the computer goes to hibernation Wireless Manager gives the error message that "No modem for mobile broadband connected" (freely translated from swedish as I have swedish version). I cannot find any way to get it back except restarting the computer from scratch.

The computer is also equipped with WLAN and as I suspected a collision between the two network systems I tried to disable the WLAN. This did not make any difference however.

Any suggestions anybody? I hope you can help because using a laptop (in effect) without hibernation is quite annoying...


13.07.2009, 11:18
Does it also not help to close the Wireless Manager and to reopen it again.
If it doesn't help, have you updated to the latest FW, driver and Wireless manager?

13.07.2009, 23:18
No, closing the WM does not help. I have however not thought of updating drivers etc. I will try that! Thanks!

14.07.2009, 09:35
I would recommend to update at least to Firmware R1D06 .
However, it will not be wrong to update to the latest driver and WM.

17.07.2009, 14:30
1) First, check BIOS setting "Wake-up on LAN". Disable it.

2) Toshiba US has released BIOS v2.00 for NB105. I don't know will it work on NB100, probably yes, because we all have PLL10E platform. BIOS v2.0 has this fix: +"Added one extra reset in the EC when the user presses the power button from S4/S5 for the WOL issue."+

*We need to official answer from Toshiba's specialists about BIOS v2 for NB100. Or ask for v2 release for Europe too.*

20.07.2009, 17:32
Thank you for the advice Xyran! I am not sure which update did the trick in the end but now it works fine again.